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In today’s modern world electric panels and circuit breakers are household necessities. To put it simply, you cannot have a circuit breaker without an electric panel. Essentially, circuit breakers help control the electricity flowing throughout your home on a daily basis. This device is what cuts off the power when currents and voltage levels get too high or rise too quickly. For example, when you have multiple hairdryers running at once, or too many large items plugged into one power source – your circuit breaker and electric panel protect you and your family from a potential electrical fire or electric hazard. Getting a circuit breaker and electric panel installed in your home is a simple solution to avoiding catastrophic problems.

Give us a call at Marlin Electric LLC to install an electric panel and circuit breaker in your home, which will in-turn protect you and your family. We’re based out of Norwalk, CT but serve the Greater Norwalk area.

Electric Panel & Circuit Breaker Installation Services Provided:

  • New product inspection
  • Basic assembly
  • Install and wire new units to new/existing electrical panel
  • Testing for proper operation
  • Clean up packaging

Our team at Marlin Electric is professionally trained to handle all of your electric panel and circuit breaker needs. We pride ourselves on offering simple and affordable solutions to prevent long-term problems––something we can both be proud of. Give our team a call at 203-515-7414.

Circuit Breaker VS. Fuse Installation

One question we often receive here at Marlin Electric is the difference between installing a circuit breaker compared to a fuse. One of the main distinctions between the two is their lifespan. A circuit breaker is controlled through a switch that you are able to reset when needed. This is in comparison to a fuse that must be replaced after the metal is melted away and damaged from the excess electrical current. It efficiently serves its purpose, but will be more prone to needing a replacement. Over time, you are more likely to save both time and money by choosing to install a circuit breaker as you won’t need to install a replacement every time it serves its purpose. This decision is important and installing a circuit breaker protects your home and family from dangerous electrical hazards.

Benefits of Installing Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers provide your home with several important benefits:

  • Whole house protection
  • Easily reset through the flip of a switch
  • Ability to cut the electrical power to home appliances
  • Protection from electrical hazards
  • Money saver

Why Choose Marlin Electric?

At Marlin Electric, we happily serve the Greater Norwalk community. We make sure we listen to your electrical wants and needs in order to consistently provide stand-out customer service. As we pride ourselves on being a local company, we want to make sure we are here to support you even in the times of crisis or electrical emergencies. That’s why we offer 24-hour electrical services to be there for YOU no matter the time of day! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 203-274-8280 for any electrical servicing your home may need!